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Putin’s Brain Trust Showed Great Interest GLONASS May Cooperate with Lifan


On October 25th, the member of the President’s council for Economic Modernization and Innovative Development of Russia and the president of Global Navigation Satellite Systems of Russian Federation (GLONASS) Mr. Alexander Gurko came to visit Lifan Group with his two team members, having talks with the president of Lifan Group Mr. Ma Ke. Both sides have made the extensive communications in the field of intelligent cars, big data platform and sharing cars, reaching the initial agreement for future cooperation.


Ma Ke firstly introduced the brief situation of Chinese automobile industry and also Lifan’s strategy in the field of intelligent cars. He has also shared Lifan’s achievements and experience on sharing automobile operation.


He said, currently Lifan was in the situation of transformation and upgrading, devoting to meet the challenge of the electrification, intelligence and interconnection of traditional auto manufacturing. Lifan will focus on the manufacturing industry, taking manufacturing as the base, product as the carrier; aiming service as the value extending; establishing all new brand ecosphere through centering on users; launching two new auto brands while developing the new generation intelligent auto products.

Meanwhile, Lifan will plan out four fields including auto industry mobility service, energy service, automobile after-market service and finance service through the vertical integration of industry chain, to form the business ecology from automobile products to service. Finally integrate the mobility terminal through sharing cloud data to realize the interconnection between car to car, car to road, car to home and car to destination, building the safe, clear, smart and interconnection mobility ecosystem.


In the opinion of Ma Ke, as the Chinese auto brand taking the Top 1 sales for 7 consecutive years in Russia, Lifan places great expectation to Russian market, hoping to plan out some big data service and intelligent auto industry chain taking service as the carrier in Russia.

“Data is the commanding height for future competition, GLONASS has vast data which can provide the support for the layout of Lifan intelligent cars and sharing cars in Russia. There is big potential for the cooperation.” said Ma Ke.

Alexander Gurko showed great interest in it. He said, GLONASS was the non-profit organization that the shareholders are mainly Russian mainstream telecommunication operator and network giant. He hoped that Lifan, as the outstanding automobile enterprise representative, could be one of the shareholders.


Alexander Gurko invited Lifan to bring autonomous driving technology into Russia

During the conversation, Alexander Gurko showed great interest in Lifan’s autonomous driving and sharing cars, and he sincerely invited Lifan to bring the autonomous driving technology to Russia, expecting that Lifan’s next intelligent cars’ development can have deep cooperation with GLONASS.


Ma Ke said, the development of Lifan intelligent car and sharing car in Russia should seek for an excellent partner. GLONASS is certainly qualified. Both sides can have deep cooperation on data service and intelligent auto operation, such as establishing the joint-venture company.

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GLONASS, is one of the world four navigation systems together with US GPS, European Galileo Satellite Positioning System and Chinese BeiDou Navigation Satellite System. By the decision of Dmitry Medvedev, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, the president Alexander Gurko was appointed to the position of co-head of the working group on the implementation and development of the Autonet by the National Technological Initiative respectively in 2017 and 2018. He is also the member of the President’s Council for Economic Modernization and Innovative Development of Russia.