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Lifan Motors Debuts in Paraguay Market,Well-known Distributor Works Together to Develop


Recently, Lifan Motors was officially launched in Paraguay. The formal entry into the Paraguay market marks the realization of Lifan's comprehensive sale throughout the Americas, and the international business has entered a new stage.


In just 10 years, Lifan has successfully entered 83 countries and regions, basically covering the world's large automobile consumer market, and maintaining a high market share in Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Iraq, Ethiopia and other countries. Lifan has been the top-selling Chinese automobile company in the Russian market for five consecutive years, and has successfully maintained an absolute advantage of exporting cars to Russia. By 2015, Lifan has nearly 500 outlets overseas and has established five wholly-owned subsidiaries in Russia, Ethiopia, Brazil, Congo and Uruguay.


The cooperation with Lifan is CENSU SA, a well-known local distributor, which has nationwide networks of dealers, exclusive exhibition halls, multi-brand exhibition halls, parts retail and after-sales services in major cities.


Lifan and CENSU SA have found a way to build a long-term partnership that will make Lifan a true participant in the Paraguayan market. What’s more, it will make Lifan, which is reasonably priced, well-manufactured, reliable and powerful, a favorite of the Paraguayan people.