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Service First Lifan Motors Launches X50II and X70 in Myanmar


On November 3, Lifan Motors sales store grandly opened in Rangoon, Myanmar while the two new models X50II and X70 launched, indicating Lifan’s further step in Myanmar market.


The executive vice director of Lifan Motors After-sales Service Center Mr. Qi Jianming, on behalf of Lifan, was present at the opening ceremony, together with the leaders from Myanmar government and automobile association as well as the media. Qi said at the ceremony, after-sales first and service oriented was the principal for Lifan Motors rooting in overseas markets. Lifan Motors will provide professional auto service for Myanmar market.


The Lifan Motors sales store covers over 500㎡, which is a professional showroom containing sales and after-sales service. The opening of the store will quickly promote the brand awareness of Lifan Motors, and lay a good foundation for building a good enterprise image.


At the ceremony, the sales store also provide test drive, and offer a beneficial discounts and gifts for the customers purchasing the car on the day, of which the highest benefits reach 1,000,000 Kyats (nearly 5000RMB). The series of activities were praised and recognized by the customers that five deals were made at the spot.


As learned, Lifan Motors will, together with its distributor, further explore the distribution network, planning to build the sales stores respectively in Naypyidaw, the capital of Maynmar and Mandalay, the second largest city of Maynmar, and seeking for at least five after-sales service partners, to strive for promoting Lifan Motors’ sales and after-sales service satisfaction in Maynmar which can make local customers experience the quality and service of Chinese cars.