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New lifan, Appearing at the 2018 Sao Paulo International Motor Show



In November, the other end of the globe, the Sao Paulo International Motor Show in Brazil officially opened. As the largest Motor show in South America, it can be said to be the vane of the South American auto market.The Sao Paulo International Motor Show attracted 30 well-known auto companies around the world, with more than 500 vehicles on display. Chinese brands Chery and Lifan were also invited to participate in the exhibition. For the future development of the Brazilian market, lifan is full of confidence.



At the Sao Paulo International Motor Show, Lifan's main product is medium-sized and large-sized cars, and Lifan took X70, M7, My Way and X80 to the show. It is reported that the X70, M7, My Way three models were debut in the South American market, causing a lot of sensation on the scene. The price of these SUV is the same as that of the Japanese and Korean models of the same level. Lifan's Brazilian market staff said that the full recognition of the Brazilian market gave them the determination to compete with Japanese and Korean cars.“After our X80 debuted in June 2018, it was highly praised in the Brazilian automotive media as a high-level SUV from China. The encouragement of the media has given us great confidence and we decide to upgrade our brand image in Brazil and introduce more expensive and better quality SUVs to Brazil.”


The X70 is the protagonist of Lifan's auto show. This compact SUV is equipped with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine independently developed by Lifan, with a maximum power of 100KW. For transmission, the 5MT and CVT power assembly will be launched in the Brazilian market. The X70 body size will be larger than X60, which is 4390mm*1820mm*1715mm; the product positioning will be higher than the Lifan X60, which is expected to be launched in March next year.



Another 7-seat SUV, the My Way, is also eye-catching. This model is equipped with a Lifan 1.8L naturally aspirated engine and with a maximum power of 98kW, matching with the 5MT gearbox. This model is expected to be launched in the second half of 2019, and its product positioning is lower than lifan X70. The seven-seat layout may become the biggest selling point of this model.

In addition to SUV products, Lifan also shows a new advanced MPV model, Lifan M7. The appearance and interior quality of the model has been well received by Brazilian users, and the old image of this model in Brazil "MINIVAN" has been changed. This model is equipped with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine that matches the CVT continuously variable transmission. It is expected that the time to market will be after My Way.


Whether Lifan's move was right or not, Brazilian consumers present gave the best response.The Ivana family had purchased a Lifan SUV before. With the increase of family members, they were considering changing the car. The medium-sized MPV brought by Lifan just met their family requirements. “Lifan’s car is still very cost-effective. Our family has an x60, which is comfortable and fuel-efficient. This time we want to change a bigger car, a more luxurious and more advanced, M7 looks very suitable for our family.”