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Lifan Motors Enters Georgia Market X70 and M7 Are Firstly Public in the Local Market


In December, Lifan Motors, together with OTO MOTORS, firstly entered Georgia market. At the opening ceremony, the popular models X70, M7, X50 and X7 were favored by the local people, indicating that the overseas expansion of Lifan Motors has stepped further in East Europe area.



The assistant general manager of Lifan Motors and the general manager of the Commonwealth of the independent states area Mr. Liu Jiang and the general manager of OTO MOTORS Mr. Zara Bakradze were present at the ceremony. The industry insiders from Ukraine and Armenian also took part in the event, expressing their expectation for Lifan landing in Georgia market.


Liu Jiang said at the ceremony, “ Lifan Group is one of the largest Chinese private enterprises which mainly focuses on automobile, motorcycle, general-purpose engine, finance, real estate and sports. Globalization is one of Lifan’s key strategies with annual sales volume of over 5 billion USD. The overseas sales volume covers above 50% of the total volume. Over the past years, Lifan Motors has ranked top 3 among Chinese auto exportation and No.1 for motorcycle exportation. ” He also told all why Lifan chose OTO MOTORS. OTO MOTORS has a professional team with good after-sales service which also has good reputation and popularity at the local market, all these have attracted Lifan to cooperate with OTO for jointly exploring the new market.

Georgia was once the largest transit country for pre-owned cars. With the Georgia government policy and the market demand, it is imperative for cooperation in the opinion of Mr. Zaza Bakradze, “Lifan has good reputation no matter in price, quality, safety or environmental protection compared with other foreign brands. And its products are accord with our environmental policy. We both have a long-term discussion and investigation for determining the cooperation. ”


OTO MOTORS is one of the largest distributors in Georgia which takes up auto after-sales service. The network has covered the whole area of Georgia. The Lifan Motors store opened covers over 1500 ㎡ which is the professional showroom integrated with sales and after-sales service. It is also the auto showroom with the highest class among Chinese auto brands. The opening of the showroom will make the brand popularity of Lifan Motors promoted and lay a good foundation for future market exploring and enterprise image building. For the new market, both parties promise to provide one-year free quality warranty for the users within 3 years or 100,000km. Such good service is the first time for launching the quality warranty in Georgia.


Liu Jiang said, Lifan will arrange the technicians, marketing managers and HR to fully support OTO MOTORS, together to provide high-quality product and service to Georgia customers.


At the ceremony, a present industry insider said, the customers choosing Lifan is not only due to the reasonable price, but also its high performance and fascinating design. And the innovation of the auto technology as well as the safety standard accord with the environmental policy will attract more customers.