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Lifan Aims at Pre-owned Car Exporting First Targeting Russian and Ethiopian Market


As one of the automobile transformation business, Lifan is actively preparing the export business of pre-owned cars. Lately as known, the Bureau of Commerce of Chengdu has approved the export licensing for the first pre-owned cars, which means that the first Lifan-brand pre-owned cars will soon depart from Chengdu International railway port. After arriving in Vorotynsk, Russia, the cars will put on sale in Moscow and other cities. As learned, it is Chongqing’s first pre-owned cars exporting to overseas market.

This May, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Public Security and the General Administration of Customs jointly held the special session on pre-owned cars exportation, officially launching the pre-owned car exporting business. Till now, totally 50 enterprises from 10 regions including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Guangdong have got the approval certificate. Even though Chongqing is not yet listed in the pre-owned car exporting approval area, Lifan has already got the approval certificates respectively in Chengdu and Xian.

As the industrial forerunner and practitioner, Lifan is the automobile enterprise early implementing the Going Out strategy, of which the auto products have been sold to over 70 countries and regions. By the end of 2018, Lifan has won the Top 1 sales among Chinese auto brands in Russia for seven consecutive years as well as No.1 in Ethiopia for eight consecutive years. Besides, Lifan has also got the sales winner among Chinese auto brands in Brazil for two consecutive years.

Lifan has early made the overall arrangement in the countries along the Belt &Road that the business mode has developed into the whole industrial chain output in the form of investing in building factory from the single export. By now, Lifan has built 7 factories overseas, 9 wholly-owned sales companies, 30 overseas offices, over 400 overseas automobile sales networks and over 1000 after-sales service networks. And most dealers are experienced on pre-owned car exchanging and sales.

Introduced by the vice president of Lifan Group Deng Xiaodan, the reason why Lifan smoothly expands to the pre-owned car exporting business benefits from its team, experience and network accumulated over 20 years overseas. Besides Russia and Ethiopia, Lifan’s targeting markets also include Iraq, Algeria, Myanmar etc.

The board chairman of Lifan Group Mu Gang said, Going Out of pre-owned cars will open a all-new market for Chinese automobile industry. The company will further cooperate with Chongqing local enterprises to jointly enlarge the pre-owned car export business. Integrating the national policy and enterprise development, pay heed on south Asia, Middle East, Africa and Russia. And take commercial vehicle and passenger vehicle as the main exporting models in the preliminary stage.

As reported, Lifan has signed the purchase intention agreement and after-sales service intention agreement with 10 dealers in different markets, ensuring a good beginning of pre-owned car exporting business.