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Lifan Has Listed as Top 500 Chinese Enterprises for 13 Consecutive Years


On September 1st, at the summit forum of Top 500 Chinese Enterprises 2019 held in Jinan, China Association of Enterprises and China Entrepreneur Association released the list of Top 500 Chinese Enterprises 2019. Lifan has been on the list for 13 consecutive years.

As learned, the threshold for Top 500 Chinese Enterprises 2019 is 32.325 billion Yuan, reaching the new peak and having increased by 1.636 billion Yuan compared with last year. Since releasing Top 500 Chinese Enterprises in 2002, the threshold has achieved the growth for 17 consecutive years.


As the role model in Chongqing private economy, Lifan always sticks to the principle of “industry serves the country”; adheres to the operation philosophy of Innovation, Export and Reputation; actively promotes the industry upgrading of automobile and new energy; strives to realize the transformation from traditional manufacturing to smart manufacturing; and commits to providing high-efficient and convenient mobility tool and service for consumers.


Lifan always adheres to internationalization strategy, implementing the development policy of “going out and introduce in”, devoting to integrating high-quality industry chain resources globally and constructing multi-level economic cooperation platform and product marketing platform. Till now, Lifan products have been exported to 117 countries and regions.


Ride the wind and waves, and set sail at the moment. In the future, Lifan will continue to cultivate industry; adhere to manufacturing; actively expand domestic and overseas market; build better Chinese brand with excellent products and high-quality service.