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Lifan Joins Hands with Brilliance to Jointly Explore South American Market


On November 12, Lifan Motors and Brilliance Auto signed the strategic cooperation agreement in Uruguay, jointly exploring South American market. Both sides will bring their superiorities into full play and carry out the cooperation in the aspect of manufacturing and market, boosting Chinese cars prosperity in South America, and realizing the capacity sharing between private enterprise and state-owned enterprise.


At the signing ceremony, the vice president of Uruguay Lucía Topolansky, Chinese ambassador to Uruguay Wang Gang, the minister of the Ministry of Labour Ernesto Murro, the minister of the Ministry of Industry Guillermo Moncecchi, the governor of San Jose José Luis Falero, the board chairman of Brilliance Auto Yan Bingzhe, Chief engineer Gao Weimin, genereal manager of Brilliance International Trade Company Zhang Hui, the vice board chairman of Lifan Group Wang Yanhui, vice president Deng Xiaodan, vice president and chief engineer Ren Yajun were present at the signing ceremony.


Relying on the factory advantage, share the overseas capacity
Accord with the agreement, Lifan, based on the advantage of the factory in Uruguay, will share 18000 cars capacity in total with Brilliance Auto within three years. The first year is 3000 units while the second is 5000, and the third is 10000.

There has been long-standing friendship between Uruguay and China. As the southernmost country of the Belt and Road, Uruguay is not only border on Brazil and Argentina which are the top 2 vehicle sales in South America, but also signed the vehicle bilateral agreement with both countries, which enjoys the duty-free car export policy. The blessed geographical location, preferential auto industry policy and sound business environment makes Uruguay become the bridge tower for Chinese cars entering South American market. This is why Lifan chose to establish factory in Uruguay early in 2012. Relying on its advantage for assembling cars in Uruguay, Lifan has exported to Brazil and Argentina with duty free, and cover the sales among the whole South American market.


The main target market of Brilliance Auto in South America is Brazil in the mode of CBU export, which means that they have to pay 35% tax. But after sharing the capacity with Lifan factory, the cars manufactured will be deemed as the local product. In light of the vehicle bilateral agreement of Uruguay and Brazil, Brilliance can export their products to Brazil without tax.

Fulfill the Belt and Road, Chinese brand booms in South America
As the largest private import and export enterprise in Chongqing, Lifan always sticks to Going Out and is actively in response to the Belt and Road. Make overall arrangement overseas and deep exploring. By now, Lifan has established auto and motorcycle manufacturing bases in over 10 countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, Ethiopia and Uruguay.

Through years of hardworking, Lifan has achieved a lot along with the Belt and Road which has been top 1 sales in Russia among Chinese auto brands for 7 consecutive years, top 1 sales in Ethiopia for 8 consecutive years, and top 1 sales in Brazil for 2 consecutive years.

Brilliance Auto is the renowned brand and main force in Chinese auto industry which owns three independent brands including Zhonghua, Jinbei and Huasong as well as two joint-venture brands Brilliance-BMW and Brilliance-Renault, of which the products cover passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle field. And it also owns four listing companies, six vehicle manufacturing enterprises, four engine manufacturing enterprises and several parts manufacturers. Brilliance also establishes factories along the countries of the Belt and Road.

The cooperation between Lifan and Brilliance is the convincing witness for jointly launching high-quality development under the initiative of the Belt and Road, and also stands forward for Chinese private enterprise and state-owned enterprise jointly exploring overseas market.


As the vice board chairman of Lifan Wang Yanhui said, there often occurred rat race overseas among Chinese products. Lifan and Brilliance this time has reached the strategic cooperation, which is not only the precedent for private enterprise and state-owned enterprise sharing capacity overseas, but also the commencement for Chinese enterprises join hands together and play their respective advantages to provide better products to overseas consumers.