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Security & Safety

Lightweight high-strength body steel plate
Lifan X50 uses a lightweight high-strength safe body (more than 42% covered with high-strength steel plate), able to absorb the impact energy and spread it to the body framework so that the safety of the riders could be ensured to the greatest extent. Moreover, X50 has its chassis system elaborately adjusted by the world leading chassis adjustment company British MIRA; the stable chassis and high-strength body can double the control and safety of X50.
New platform driving and brake system
X50 uses a front Macpherson independent suspension and a rear drag-arm semi-independent split suspension only mounted on high-end cars to maximize riders' comfort. For driving and braking safety, it also uses a tyre pressure monitoring system, 20KM automatic lock function, well-cooled four-wheel disc brakes, latest Bosch Version 9.0 ABS + EBD, BAS brake assist system. Moreover, the ultra-high minimum ground clearance (208 mm) can provide you with a surprising stable control even on muddy roads due to its superior trafficability.
New platform steering and drive system
X50 uses an EPS electronic power steering system, boasting more sensitive, stable and reliable control compared to the hydraulic power steering of its peers. In the ESP system, the ECU can obtain more steering information via the CAN bus and effectively correct oversteer or understeer to avoid the vehicle instability, but no hydraulic power steering system can achieve such functionality. Moreover, X50 uses a fuel-efficient CVT (continuously variable transmission) equipped with original Bosch steel belts, a three-cone synchronizer five-speed manual transmission and a GSI (gear shift indicator) derived from BMW.
All-round active and passive safety configurations:
1) Bosch ESP + TCS body electronic stability system
2) BOS (brake override system)
3) TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system)
4) Engine electronic immobilizer
5) Six airbags
6) Daytime driving lamps
7) Front passenger identification
8) Automatic unlock in case of collision

Fashionable Design

Exterior modeling, elegant and fashionable
Lifan X50 has its exterior modeling completed by a world-class design company and based on a half-year investigation of modeling among consumers, so its new fashionable design can lead the new modeling fashion.
1) Simple and fashionable "slotted" chrome-plated grille
2) Fashionable trapezoid "big-mouth" intake grille
3) Sharp, base-blackened, wing-shaped, super-wide-angle, glaring headlamps
4) Fashionable high-penetration LED daytime driving lamp
5) Multi-functional spoiler
6) Fully sport-styled twin waist lines and streamlined side panels
7) Sport-styled and fashionable front and rear silver trim panel
8) Ten-spoke two-tone sport-styled aluminum wheel hubs
Interior modeling, beautiful and fashionable
X50 interior uses rich fashionable design elements, such as red-stitched sport-styled and fashionable seats, red-dotted air-conditioner buttons, fashionable backlit instruments, air-conditioner chrome-plated surround and steering wheel control lever chrome-plated strips.
1) Fashionable red-backlit instrument display
2) Red and black sport-styled leather seats
3) Rich chromium-plated trim strips and red button modeling, with full of fashionable elements

Strong Power of Lifan X50

Appearance of Lifan X50

  • The cargo space expanded
    Four 28-litre luggage cases can be easily loaded and the rear seats can be laid down as a whole to have the cargo space flexibly expanded to 1136L, so that refrigerators, sofas and other large items can be easily accommodated. The vehicle has 21 storing spaces, including those humanized ones on both sides of the instrument panel and at the back of the front seat, so your cups, umbrellas and passport cards, etc. can be reasonably stored to make the interior space neat and orderly.
  • Largest flexibly-expanded reserve space
    Largest flexibly-expanded reserve space (570L) among its peers.
  • Humanized design, zero space waste
    X50 uses an advanced MM space design, namely, the minimum external space occupation and maximum internal space occupation is designed to meet the reasonable use of more space by virtue of its elaborate layout.
  • The super-long wheelbase
    The super-long wheelbase (2550mm) among its peers can offer sufficient room for X50's rear passengers.

Intelligent technology

  • 1. The complete vehicle uses the CAN-BUS controller LAN BUS technology applied on luxury cars, which has provided basic guarantee for stability, reliability and timeliness of the body electronic control intelligentization:
    CAN (Controller Area Network) belongs to the category of industrial field buses. Compared with the general communication buses, the CAN bus data communication is characterized by its reliability, real-time and flexibility. The CAN bus is attracting more and more attention from the public due to its good performance and unique design. It is most widely applied in the field of automobile industry and some world-famous automobile manufacturers, such as BENZ, BMW, PORSCHE, ROLLS-ROYCE and JAGUAR, have adopted CAN buses to realize the data communication between the automobile internal control system and various detectors and actuators. Moreover, the applications of CAN buses are no longer confined to the automotive industry due to its characteristics, but expanded to such fields as automatic control, aerospace, marine, process industry, machinery industry, textile machinery, agricultural machinery, robots, numerical control machine tools, medical devices and sensors. CAN has formed its own international standard and has been recognized as one of the most promising field buses. Its typical application protocols are as follows: SAE J1939/IS011783, CANOpen, CANaerospace, DeviceNet, NMEA2000 and so on.
  • 2.One-click-start + keyless entry:
    1) Intelligent, high-end and noble.
    2) Convenient one-click-start, with no need of a key.
    3) Park your car within the field of vision; open the door automatically when you arrive, and lock the door automatically when you leave.
    4) Considerate vehicle immobilizer.
  • 3.Mobile internet multimedia MP5 entertainment system:
    The music video, parking video, positioning navigation and mobile Internet are integrated to offer you intelligent entertainment in the vehicle-mounted multifunctional home theater.
  • 4.Technology-rich design details:
    1) Automatic headlamp adjustment with the environment, headlamp beam adjustment and headlamp "Follow Me Home" .
    (2) Daytime driving lamps.
    (3) Anti-dazzling inner rearview mirror.
    (4) Adjustable instrument background.
    (5) Front passenger "Seat Belt OFF" reminder.
    (6) 120 km over-speed alarm.
    (7) 20 km automatic lock.
    (8) Automatic door unlock in case of collision.
    (9) GSI gear shift indicator.
    (10) On-board computer display.

Parameter of Lifan X50

The basic parameters
Dimension L×W×H (mm)4100×1722×1540
Wheelbase (mm)2550
Tread (front/rear) (mm)1465/1460
Min. Turning radius (m)9.6
Min. Ground clearance(mm)208(no load)/166(full load)
Front/rear suspension(mm)835/715
Curb mass(kg)11501175
Total mass (kg)15251550
Trunk volume(L)570
The engine
Displacement (L)1.5
Max. power (kW/rpm)76
Max. torque (N·m/rpm)133(3500-4500rpm)
Engine compression ratio10:1
EFI suppliersBosch
100 km fuel consumption (L)6.36.5
Fuel tank capacity (L)42
emissions standards National IV/National VNational IV/National V
Chassis system
Steering gear typePinion and rack
Front overhangingIndependent MacPherson suspension
Rear overhangingComposite semi-trailing arm independent suspension
Brake type(front/rear)Front disc, rear disc
Tyre size195/60 R15