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Lifan X50II's design is full of charm and dynamic vitality. The sharp sculptural front part is very personal, the more rigid and flatter tail is more in line with modern aesthetic standard, giving the X50II a charming and dynamic image.
(1) Integrated headlamp design.
(2) Spacious and three-dimensional bumper design
(3) Three-dimensional, sculpted intake grille
(4) Fashionable high-penetration LED daytime driving lamp
(5) Multi-functional spoiler
(6) Fully sport-styled twin waist lines and streamlined side panels
(7) Vertical fog light echoing the front part
(8) Double exhaust cylinder design


Spacious space, high-tech feeling, ergonomic functional design, creating a spacious and comfortable, simple and convenient, dynamic interior
(1) "Multi-level embracing" design concept highlights the horizontal lines, creating a spacious and comfortable interior space and visual feeling
(2) Design of suspension central control panel
(3) Simple and clean control panel
(4) Flat instrument panel

Intelligent technology

1、The complete vehicle uses the CAN-BUS controller LAN BUS technology applied on luxury cars, which has provided basic guarantee for stability, reliability and timeliness of the body electronic control intelligentization.
2.One-click-start intelligent technology configurations
3. Mobile internet multimedia MP5 entertainment system
4. Technology-rich design details

Safety control

Lightweight high-strength body steel plate
Lifan X50Ⅱ uses a lightweight high-strength safe body (more than 42% covered with high-strength steel plate), able to absorb the impact energy and spread it to the body framework so that the safety of the riders could be ensured to the greatest extent.
Moreover, X50Ⅱ has its chassis system elaborately adjusted by the world leading chassis adjustment company British MIRA; the stable chassis and high-strength body can double the control and safety of X50Ⅱ.
New platform driving and brake system
X50Ⅱ uses a front Macpherson independent suspension and a rear drag-arm semi-independent split suspension only mounted on high-end cars to maximize riders’ comfort.
For driving and braking safety, it also uses a tyre pressure monitoring system, 20KM automatic lock function, well-cooled four-wheel disc brakes, latest Bosch Version 9.0 ABS + EBD, BAS brake assist system.
Moreover, the ultra-high minimum ground clearance (169 mm) can provide you with a surprising stable control even on muddy roads due to its superior trafficability.
X50Ⅱ uses a fuel-efficient CVT (continuously variable transmission) equipped with original Bosch steel belts, a three-cone synchronizer five-speed manual transmission and a GSI (gear shift indicator) derived from BMW.

All-round active and passive safety configurations
(1) Bosch ESP + TCS body electronic stability system
(2) BOS (brake override system)
(3) TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system)
(4) Engine electronic immobilizer
(5) Driver and front passenger airbags
(6) Daytime driving lamps
(7) Front passenger identification
(8) Automatic unlock in case of collision
(9) Front three-point pretensioners seat belts with force limit
(10)EPB (Electrical Park Brake)

Humanized design

X50Ⅱ uses an advanced MM space design, namely, the minimum external space occupation and maximum internal space occupation is designed to meet the reasonable use of more space by virtue of its elaborate layout.
(1) Four 28-litre luggage cases can be easily loaded and the rear seats can be laid down as a whole to have the cargo space flexibly expanded to 1170L, so that refrigerators, sofas and other large items can be easily accommodated. The vehicle has 18 storing spaces, including those humanized ones on both sides of the instrument panel and at the back of the front seat, so your cups, umbrellas and passport cards, etc. can be reasonably stored to make the interior space neat and orderly.
(2) The super-long wheelbase (2550mm) among its peers can offer sufficient room for X50Ⅱ’s rear passengers;
(3) Largest flexibly-expanded reserve space (755L) among its peers


  • Fuel saving, strong power
    It is equipped with Lifan 1.5 L intelligent valve variable full-aluminum engine, with the maximum output power and torque up to 76kw and 133N. m/(3500-4500 RPM) respectively; in order to enter the European market, the emission standard of X50Ⅱ has reached and passed the E_MARK Europe-5 standard.

Parameter of Lifan X50Ⅱ

Category: SUV1.5L SUV1.5L
Vehiclemodelcode: LF7153G1 LF7153H1
Overalldimensionofcompletevehicle:LxWxH(mm) 4135×1722×1540
Max.speed(km/h) 170
Fuelconsumptionundercombinedoperatingconditions(L/100km) 6.3 6.5
Max.drivingrange(km): -
Wheelbase(mm): 2550
Front/reartread(mm): 1465/1460
Front/rearsuspension(mm): 830/755
Completevehiclecurbmass(kg): 1180 1195
Max.totalmass(kg): 1555 1570
Numberofdoors(numberofdoorstobeaccessedforpassengers): 4
Numberofseats: 5Seats
Fueltankcapacity(L): 42
Fuelgrade(GB17930-2013): 92#premiumunleadedgasoline
Min.groundclearance(mm): 162
Min.turningdiameter(m): 9.6
Approachangle/departureangle(°): 19/23(°)
Max.climbingcapacity(%) ≥30
Enginemodel: LF479Q2-B
Displacement(L): 1.498
Type: DOHCinline4-cylinder16-valve
Valvestructure: Overheadcamshaft
Engine-specifictechnologies: Variablevalvetimingsystem(VVT)
Enginecapacitycompressionratio: 10:1
Max.netpower: 71
Ratedpower/speed【kW/(r/min)】 76/6000
Max.torque[N·m/(r/min)] 133/3500-4500
Engineoilsupplymethod Multi-pointEFI
Electronicfuelinjectionsystem: UAESelectronicinjectionsystem
Materialofcylindercover Aluminiumalloy
Materialofcylinderblock Castiron
Emissionstandard: V/VStateV/EuroV
Transmissiontype: 5MT CVT
Drivemode: FFFront-arrangementfront-drive
Drivetype: 4×2
Frontoverhangingtype: Macphersonindependentoverhanging
Rearoverhangingtype: Compositetrailingarmtypesemi-independentsuspension
Steeringsystem: (EPS)
Chassisstructure Integralbodyconstruction
Front/reartirespecification: 195/55 R16
Spare tire specification Non-full size spare tire
Front brake type: Front ventilated disc brake
Rear brake type: Disc-type
Throttle arrangement: Electronic accelerator pedal
Parking brake type: Hand brake Hand brake/EPB