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Advanced engine technology, can easily get the superior performance, and reduces the fuel consumption in a responsible manner at the same time. Lifan X7 adopts DVVT engine to decrease the fuel consumption by approx. 5%, and simultaneously provide impressive strong power, more efficient and energy-saving, and thus realize the perfect balance between the driving experience and efficiency.


Control with one-key, and intelligently open or close the skylight. In case of closing the skylight, if blocked by hand and other obstacles, the skylight will automatically stop operating in order to prevent the occurrence of pinching.
Multi-function storage space: Up to 20 storage spaces, including the personalized storage spaces at both sides of central console, at front seat backrest and other places. Tea cup, umbrella and so on are in their places, which makes the interior space clean and well-aligned.
Flexible & oversized enjoyment space: Only easy operation can freely turn over the second, third row seats, the falling, leveling and folding of the seats can flexibly enjoy the extreme space. Get wide space to take your happy trip.
LIFAN X7 has 2,720mm extra-long wheelbase, the leading level in the similar models, and 7 adjustable seats. Ultra-wide space, elegant and beautiful, real third-row space, let you enjoy the wide, extraordinary quality. Seat arrangement: 2-3-2.
Lifan X7 re-calibrates the front Macpherson independent suspension and rear guide rod type rigid axle suspension to provide the optimal traction force, which easily caters to various roads, more comfortable and steady.


Equip with German Bosch's ninth-generation ABS+EBD to decrease its volume and weight by 30% compared to the eighth generation. The system fulfills 50 times snubbing per 10s in case of emergency braking, which improves the sensitivity, and prevents the wheels locked. It intelligently distributes the braking force on four wheels, which makes the vehicle not easily rollover or out of control even in case of emergency braking or turning on a rainy or snowy road.


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