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The fundamental designing style for Lifan X70 is fashion and motion. Each section on the front face enjoys quite clear dividing line for each level, which is nice hour-glass, dynamic, three-dimensional and vivid. For the headlamp, they are with deep eyehole and a strong sense of volume, while the lens for headlamp creates a pair of “fearless eyes”,which demonstrates its edge of sharpness.The grilling is of strong sense of sculpture, integrating perfectly with lamps, showing its high technology content.As we can see,the tail of car has a quite high center of gravity,building a sense of diving by lower in the front and higher at the end, and all these make the overall modelling feel smooth, natural and beautiful. The sharp lines of back door are elastic and dynamic. When it goes to the designing of interior trim, we can feel the sense of comfort, harmony and elegance. The facade of dashboard is of stretch line and distinctive nuance, dynamic enough.

Strong Power

2.0L naturally aspirated engine:
the parameter adjustment on the basis of 2.0L engine, improving its torque, accelerating and power performance, reaching 141PS, 178N.m. Moreover, its smooth power outputting ensures driving comfort.
CVT transmission:
fashion and smooth, both for CVT and 2.0L, and their match between naturally aspirated engine and CVT enables excellent driving feeling.
Variable Valve Timing (VVT):
the rotation accuracy enhancement of engine through VVT is much more reliable and more efficient, performing well on power take-off and fuel consumption.

Security & Safety

Bosch ESP 9.0:
There are eight advanced configurations in this car, including ABS, EBD, EBA, TCS, ESP, rollover resistance and so on, overpassing that of the counterparts a lot, among which the emergency EBA can shorten 60% of the braking length.
Visual reversing camera and front/rear radar:
the reversing camera can display rear shadow area image during reversing, upgrading the safety degree; the reversing radar can monitor the distance between the car and obstacles during reversing and making some noise to warn the driver in avoidance of accidents.
Collapse steering column:
the impact energy will take effect in the energy absorbing steel sheet between 1000N and 3500N when the columns start to collapse,
Fatigue driving alarms:
matched with a fatigue driving monitoring system, which will present a special icon on the dashboard in order to remind the driver to have a rest after 2 hours’ driving consecutively.

Operation of Comfort

McPherson Independent Suspension:
damping optimization decreases the bumps in the road; optimization of suspension layout ensures the operation stability to the uttermost; accurate match with the new-developed rear suspension; the curb weight of the car all lies on the spring; shock absorber exerts influence on resistance, reducing vibration of the spring; high rigidity of the lower control arm brings up high-performed suspension and lateral compact support.
Multi-link independent suspension:
perfect integration of comfort and smoothness ensures the stability of straight driving; better carrying capacity of suspension decreases the incline of car body, maintaining the high conformability of tire to the road furthest.
Hydraulic power steering:
stable and reliable operation; mature technology; low cost; easy and low-cost maintenance; connection of mechanical parts makes accurate operation; direct road feel and abundant information feedback.

Technical Configuration

  • Interactive system on the center control:
    connecting mobile phone with display screen enables a more convenient operation; the Bluetooth phone free driver’s hands, which promotes a much safer driving; USB device enables music playing in the phone; moreover, connection with car monitor enables the contents displaying of cell phone on the screen.
    Cruise Control:
    set the speed for specified distance, not only making your feet released but also keeping the engine a linear outputting, fuel-efficient as you demand.

Humanized Design

Space :
the IQG (index quality geometry )of X70 exceeds largely to that of its counterparts; wheelbase up to 2610mm guarantees passenger room inside the car, upgrading comfort both for driver and passengers; the rear-row seats can be put down with proportion, increasing the storing space of trunk; moreover, there are 26 storing spaces in X70.
Electric adjustment for side mirrors:
folding the side mirrors automatically after car’s locking in avoidance of scratches; the heating of side mirrors helps to defrost and defog promptly; the electric adjustment for the angle of side mirrors.
Accompany you home:
Turning the parking lights and dipped headlight on (the duration for these lamps are 15s/30s/45s/60s out of individual choice) when the light is dark , remote keys and PE locked or unlocked so that more safety & security and convenience can be provided to consumers.


Parameter of Lifan X70

Category:SUV 2.0L
Vehicle model code:LF7201LF7201B
Overall dimension of complete vehicle: L x W x H (mm)4390*1820*1715
Max. speed (km/h)180175
Fuel consumption under combined operating conditions (L/100km)7.57.7
Max. driving range (km):-
Wheelbase (mm):2610
Front/rear tread (mm):1545/1525
Front/rear suspension (mm):865/915
Complete vehicle curb mass (kg):13851415
Max. total mass (kg):17601790
Number of doors (number of doors to be accessed for passengers):4
Number of seats: 5 Seats
Fuel tank capacity (L):55
Fuel grade (GB17930-1999): 93# premium unleaded gasoline
Min. ground clearance (mm):176
Min. turning diameter (m):10.8
Approach angle/departure angle (°):23/24(°)
Max. climbing capacity (%)≥30
Engine model:LF483Q
Displacement (L):1.988
Type:DOHC inline 4-cylinder 16-valve
Valve structure:Overhead camshaft
Engine-specific technologies:Variable valve timing system (VVT)
Engine capacity compression ratio:10:1
Rated power/speed【kW/(r/min)】104/6000
Max. torque [N·m/(r/min)]185/4200-4400
Engine oil supply methodMulti-point EFI
Electronic fuel injection system:Delphi electronic injection systemUAES electronic injection system
Material of cylinder coverAluminium alloy
Material of cylinder blockCast iron
Emission standard:State V
Transmission type:5MT(525)CVT
Drive mode:Front-arrangement front-drive
Drive type:4×2
Front overhanging type:Macpherson independent overhanging
Rear overhanging type:Multi-link independent suspension
Steering system:Mechanical hydraulic power system (HPS)
Chassis structureIntegral body construction
Front/rear tire specification:215/60 R17 、 225/55 R18
Spare tire specificationT135/90 R16
Front brake type:Disc-type
Rear brake type:Disc-type
Throttle arrangement:Electronic accelerator pedal
Parking brake type:Hand brake
LIFAN X70 Configuration

2.0L MT

2.0L CVT






225/55R18 aluminum wheel

215/60R17 aluminum wheel

215/65R16 Steel wheel

Steel-wheel spare tire (16 inch)



Driver airbag

Passenger airbag

Front wiper with interval adjustment

Rear wiper

Rear windshield defrosting

Electric anti-dazzling interior rearview mirror

Adjustable brightness electronic combination meter

Halogen lamp with optical lens

Front/Rear fog

Daytime running lamp (integrated in the headlamp, LED light belt)

Headlamp with height adjustment

High brake light

Reversing radar





Rear child lock

120km/h overspeed alarm



Rate-limiting function



2.0L MT

2.0L CVT






Exterior rearview mirror with power folding

Electric exterior rearview mirror

outside mirrors with Defrost


Rearview mirror with steering lamp

Power sunroof

Laser light of door

Dome light

Sunvisor with vanity mirror lamp

Foaming multi-function steering wheel (three-spoke)

Leather multi-function steering wheel (three-spoke)

Cruise control system

Steering wheel with up-down adjustment

Movable ashtray

Topping leather seat

One-button start + keyless entry+Intelligent key

Central locking + foldable remote key

Front power window

Rear power window

Electric air conditioner

Front headrest with height adjustment

Rear headrest withi height adjustment

Front seat back with map bag (two)

Second seat back adjustment

Second seats with proportional laying down/flat

Six-orientation adjustment,driver seat

Four-orientation adjustment, front passenger seat

Power six-orientation adjustment, driver seat

Seat heating (2 gears),front passenger seat

Suede knitted fabric roof

Fuel tank cap with internal open

Trunk microswitch

Trunk remote open

Trunk internal open (five-door unlock)

MP5 (9 in.) + phone interconnection (IOS, ANDROID)






Segment code combination instrument

Color-screen combination instrument

Headlamp AUTO

Front anticollision radar



Starting assist

Hill-start Assist Control